Assembly shells and adapters

Flexographic assembly shells and flexographic adapters will help you to equalize space between the machine press core and the inner diameter of the print sleeve, significantly improving the quality of the flexo print.


The providers we represent have proven high quality of their materials and equipment in Europe and the world.


We provide high-quality service for flexo print companies by delivering materials and providing service for the sold products.

Personalized approach

There are no two similar clients. Every client’s situation is specific and requires an individual approach. We are excellent at that.

Great price

SIA MG Baltic is the direct representative of the manufacturers, so we provide the same prices as producers.

About manufacturer

XSYS is a company that has worked in flexo print for 30 years. It was founded in Germany and is known in its industry for its plates, assembly shells, adapters, research and service centers all around the world. The company sets its goals on how to improve its services, to adjust to ever-growing requirements in flexo print. XSYS are flagmans in their industry and they not only go with the time but set directions of development in flexo print.

Types of assembly shells

rotec® Blue Light Sleeve

rotec® Smart Premium Sleeve

rotec® Smart Sleeve

rotec® Lightweight Premium Sleeve

rotec® Compressible Sleeve

rotec® Offset Sleeve

rotec® Base Sleeve

rotec® Cover Sleeve

Types of adapters

rotec® Adapter

rotec® Atlas Adapter

rotec® CFX Adapter

rotec® ULW Adapter

rotec® H/C Adapter