If you want the best result with flexo print, you need doctorblades that will clean off all the unwanted paint. We have paint bldes for many printer types with different profiles, but we specifically want to highlight well-known PrimaBlade Sweden Nano paint blades.


The providers we represent have proven high quality of their materials and equipment in Europe and the world.


We provide high-quality service for flexo print companies by delivering materials and providing service for the sold products.

Personalized approach

There are no two similar clients. Every client’s situation is specific and requires an individual approach. We are excellent at that.

Great price

SIA MG Baltic is the direct representative of the manufacturers, so we provide the same prices as producers.

About manufacturer

PrimaBlade Sweden AB was founded in 2009 uniting people with huge experience in printing and packaging industries. Uniting knowledge about color knives, metalworking and marketing in flexoprint, company gained stable start position in their niche and quickly became known in the whole world with their high quality Nano color knives. Right now they are producing color knives for flexoprint, offset print, screen printing and varnishing.

Types of color knife profiles:

Profile 10

Profile 25

Profile 50

Profile 55