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MG Baltic has a variety of flexoprint pre-processing materials and equipment. We want to emphasize that with high-value materials you will also get high-quality personalised service. We have everything you need, to ensure that your printing work goes smoothly!

Products – MG Baltic product sortiment

Raster roller (Anilox)

Raster rollers (Anilox) engraved with lasers for flexoprint.

Washing equipment for printing press paint

Flexoprint machine component washing equipment

Printing press paint cleaners

Cleaners used in flexoprint machine component washing equipment.

Assembly shells and adapters

Assembly shells for printing bench swap that are attached to flexo print plate.


Doctorblades for removing paint from raster roller (anilox) while printing.

Paint camera inserts

High-quality end seals prevent paint leakage, so the printing can continue for long periods of time.

Water purification systems

Water purification systems for treating different amounts of industrial sewage water.

Laminator control system

The laminator control system ensures a smooth lamination coating on the printing media.

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