Washing equipment for printing press paint

To provide unchangeably high quality flexoprint standards, you need at least one of Flexo Wash printing press paint cleaning machines. It will provide paint cleanliness while printing.


The providers we represent have proven high quality of their materials and equipment in Europe and the world.


We provide high-quality service for flexo print companies by delivering materials and providing service for the sold products.

Personalized approach

There are no two similar clients. Every client’s situation is specific and requires an individual approach. We are excellent at that.

Great price

SIA MG Baltic is the direct representative of the manufacturers, so we provide the same prices as producers.

About manufacturer

Flexo Wash is leading company for printing press cleaning solutions and environmentally friendly cleansers for flexoprint from Denmark with more than 30 years of experience. The company has highlighted its mission to successfully work on cleaning equipment that is innovative and of good quality, to satisfy printing press needs for good quality and high productivity, considering a safe work environment and low impact on nature.

Types of printing press cleaning equipment

Anilox cleaning

Hardware washing

Plate washing

Shell washing

Screan washing

Cilinder washing