Water purification systems

We install EnviroChemie specialised solutions for sewage tewater cleaning in factories, laboratories, social buildings and other similar objects. Every system has been made by order, adjusting it to existing water analysis. First step towards water cleaning system installment is a personal meeting. Contact us right now!


The providers we represent have proven high quality of their materials and equipment in Europe and the world.


We provide high-quality service for flexo print companies by delivering materials and providing service for the sold products.

Personalized approach

There are no two similar clients. Every client’s situation is specific and requires an individual approach. We are excellent at that.

Great price

SIA MG Baltic is the direct representative of the manufacturers, so we provide the same prices as producers.

About manufacturer

EnviroChemie UK Ltd was founded in 2018 in UK. Company mainly produces, installs and provides maintenance services for industrial water, wastewater solutions for industrial clients considering high quality and latest sustainability principles. EnviroChemie UK Ltd can provide you with huge, powerful solutions or standard smaller and modular solutions for smaller companies and laboratories. They can provide clients in every point on earth, because of their wide network of partners, including MG Baltic, as we represent EnviroChemie in Latvia and Lithuania.